Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colours of Eid With Balqis

Hi everyone! Balqis is the first collection from Rayyanna's Gallery. It is designed for those who are really into fashion and is suitable for all walks of life.There are a few colours available;baby pink, green, blue etc. The price is very reasonable and for sure below the market price. We only release one colour at one time.Be the first to wear it. You will never regret to have one!;)

Tudung Balqis ini memang istimewa dan sangat rugi kalau tidak dimiliki.
 Harganya memang sedikit tinggi tapi amat berbaloi untuk dibeli.
Kualiti sangat baik. Tidak perlu digosok.
Kalau dipakai pasti setiap orang memuji.
Sangat eksklusif.

Harga : RM 40

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